Friday, 11 August 2017

Digital Fluency Intensive Week 3

The 3rd week of Digital Fluency Intensive, was a reflection on the following apps of quick time player, google hangouts, calendars and gmail.
Our group of three consisted of myself, Akesa and Henry, we utilised google hang out, quick time recording for our video and google calendar to communicate digitally and achieve this with the help of Gerhard and Matt.

A post by Vaifoa was the starting point of the discussion and questions were provided.

There are signs of learner agency where the student has reflected on their learning. Exploring techniques and utilising their own visual images. A wide scope for the student to choose images of their choice relating to local environment, symbols, patterns, images of family and friends.
Gathering visual images to develop leading up to final design on their woodblock. Students had to consider 3 elements of composition: Foreground, mid ground and background so that they may therefore get their perspective composition correct with their visual images.

Creativity to enable critique of artworks and understanding of why artworks empower strong sense of personal identity? To explore the imaginative mindsets of young students.

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  1. Kia ora Elenoa, Great to see your learning continuing from afar. I am reading your post in Melbourne airport. You should see Melbourne appear on your blog world map, and in your statistics I will be the Mac using visitor from Melbourne!!

    Your group conversation around the blog post from Vaifoa was well done. You manage the technology skilfully and had a professional conversation about the learning occurring. Well done. I expect that this session was a delight to you as you spend your days encouraging creativity!