Friday, 22 February 2019

Introduction to Photoshop

On the 19th and 20th of February, myself and Cheryl took about 18 students to Yoobee School of Design for a 2 day course which enable students to gain insight into the digital technology.  The skills from Photoshop will provide students with the skills required for Digital Photography.  The two days were valuable and from 9am till 3pm, students enjoyed the course.  It was an intense two days but thoroughly enjoyed by students.  They created amazing artworks.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Artist Talk: David Siliga Toga

Our visiting Guest Artist. David Siliga Toga encouraged Art students to innovatively use the scissors and paper to create patterns using paper.
Overall intention was to inspire students to think beyond drawing on paper.  To infuse 3 dimensional creativity amongst the students

Asked to keep their designs simple and not too detailed.  Basic shapes that relate to their culture.

ASATA Visual Arts Day

Auckland Secondary Art Teachers Association 2018

Lalava lashing techniques:  workshop by NZ Artist Filipe Tohi.

End of 2018 and some exciting workshops took place at Dilworth School hosted by HOD Art Laura Sunderland.  
The main objective of the Professional Development was to fuse ideas into collaborative planning for 2019 using Sculpture and Printmaking as the two art forms that are categorised as declining somewhat in the teaching programme.
Workshops ranged from Lavalava - sinnet binding: Filipe Tohi, Lisa Crowley:  Tertiary perspective and others.  I took a keen interest to Printmaking for Textile Design as a Tertiary Pathway with Astrid Visser from Massey Albany.  Ideas are leaning towards the focus of Printmaking for Level 2 boards.  Change of folio production presumably for Level 2 2019.  
Generally, my overall intention is to create a programme that will motivate students to take Art.  Printmaking may just be the art form that will enhance enough interest to come through into Art.

Friday, 21 September 2018

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." - Pablo Picasso

Quote from the famous artist - Pablo Picasso.

Thoughts on the quote.  So inspired by the art forms that exist that my quest to work on a larger scale mural with students of Tamaki College has aroused my willingness to aim to achieve this.  Certain visual images come to mind particularly around the theme of Personal Identity and the elements of the  Glen Innes area.  A beautiful Mural!


My focus is based on Literacy and to adopt efficient methods to raise student achievement in Research Standards for Visual Arts.

The generic template has always been a favourite though I am keen to establish other methods that can be successful.  Literacy involves analysing chosen artworks by NZ artists and International Artists.

Tongan Language Week

Tongan Language Week - Uike Katoanga'i o'e Lea Fakatonga enables all students the chance to learn some basic Lea Faka-Tonga, and gives students the chance to be experts in their classroom.

Even more exciting, I had the opportunity to support my two younger children with their Lea Fakatonga.  Dressed up in their Tongan attire, young children sang their songs which is normally sung at their Daycare.


Introduction to Fashion Designing

Introduction to Fashion Designing

6 weeks of Introduction to Fashion Designing lead to an intensive course structure of pattern drafting and sewing.  It was greatly inspiring and thankful that I was given the opportunity to reflect on my interests and how fulfilling it was to be creative in a different context of fine arts.  Over the 6 week period we drafted a pattern of a panelled skirt.

The enthusiasm of a more 3 dimensional format is exciting.  Everything that was pertained within the course was great.